• Vortex is a technology made on Kodak NX plate that allows flexo printing machines to raise the printing lineature without changing their Anilox configuration, thus facilitating the opening to new markets, for example packaging destined for mass retailers. Moreover, there's no need to separate the screens from the big solid colors anymore, with consequent savings in the purchase of printing plates, in the machine set-up and start-up times.

BlueEdge System

  • Thanks to an exclusive algorithm, Z DUE transforms Kodak NX plate into a very high definition printing system, helping printers and brand owners to convert an important slice of jobs from offset to flexo. The system also guarantees chromatic standardization for all BlueEdge certified printing machines.

AQX Plate

  • New flat-top dots plate that combines Kodak's NX technology with the experience and know-how of Z DUE. Structured surface to transport ink in a predictive way. Different transport also on the same plate. The plate behaves like a rubber anilox. Significant trapping improvement.

AQ Plate

  • The flat-top dot has many advantages due to its geometric shape and its dimensions compared to the traditional dot. The perfectly squared profile guarantees the same, identical plate-anilox and plate-support contact surface. The height of the dot is not altered by corrosive actions, and for this reason allows the raise of the high lights print level. The dot base is more stable, therefore more resistant to breakage. The plate behaves like a rubber anilox. Significant trapping improvement.

SOFT Plate

  • New soft plate for 26 shores corrugated board. Ideal for printing on recycled papers and particularly absorbent or irregular surfaces, capable of eliminating the wash-boarding effect. The plate behaves like a rubber anilox. Significant trapping improvement.


  • New 3,94 mm thick liquid photopolymer plate + cushion. It allows a better ink transfer on poor and recycled papers at a much lower price than a solid photopolymer plate. Significant trapping improvement.

Solid Photopolymer

  • Z DUE provides solid plates of different sizes, thicknesses and hardnesses: 1,14 mm 1,70 mm 2,54 mm 2,84 mm 3,94 mm 5,50 mm

Liquid Photopolymer

  • Our liquid plates are a good solution for simple prints on uncoated papers and are definitely cheaper than solid plates. The liquid photopolymers can be produced with any kind of thickness, however the most used is 5.75 mm.