We believe, unlike many professionals who work in the flexo domain, that the mounting should be the element of greatest care that a service can offer.
Quality, precision, control, attention to detail, finishes are the qualifying elements of our mountings.

Our mountings guarantee very fast start-ups and high productivity.

Top quality raw materials: Tesa Biesse biadhesives, Myler Dupont polyester, Roger shock absorbers.
Bieffebi technology with printing proof using anylox to guarantee perfect centering and precise prints.

New mounting machines AV Flexologic Flatmount 3000 guarantee a very high precision plate assembly, we are talking about a 0.1 mm tolerance. It is a latest generation technology, capable of memorizing the positions of each crossmark in order to mount each individual color in the correct position, and if a cliché breaks in your machine, it is no longer necessary to send the entire system back for centering, since the system keeps in memory the correct position of the color on the mylar.

Z DUE has also 7 mounting cliché Bieffebi machines, 2 of them with the following characteristics:

- new centerers;
- flat mounting possibility;
- printing test by Anilox cylinder;
- mounting accuracy with cameras with 23 enlargements;
- plugging after assembly;
- 320 cm light size.

THIN PLATE: The cheapest solution for shimming the clichés
Z DUE offers a kind of versatile cushion much cheaper than the classic shock-absorbings. Available in thickness measures 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm. Each roll is 120 cm tall.