Below is an extract from the article dated 20 February 2021 on the information site The plastics processing industries are concerned by the difficulty in supplying raw materials. Five years after the last episode, fear of a new shortage returns to Europe. A drop in imports and an increase in prices are the effects
2021 is a year of huge investments for Z DUE. The last 29th of January ZDUE officially signed the contract with Miraclon for the purchase of a new Flexcel NX plate production line. This major investment will enhance the production of high quality Kodak plates for the entire group and will develop larger quantities of flexo
Last January 15th Mr Andrea Tullini, CEO of Scatolificio Medicinese, and Mr Tiziano Guerra, Quality manager, granted an interview to Z DUE, who thus opens its own column They say about us. This is a very important event for the world of flexo printing, as for the first time a converter publicly talks about his experience with the new BlueEdge
A little less than a year after the birth of BlueEdge, this new technology for the production of flexo clichés for corrugated cardboard, flexible film, paper and labels has already positioned at the first place of the Brazilian AB Flexo competition, in the only category possible for participants not belonging to the state of Brazil.
A real novelty in the world of flexo print. On July 14, 2020, a closed-numbered webinar dedicated exclusively to label and flexible film converters, manufacturers of flexo printing machines and brand owners was held.   Together with the technical partner I & C-GAMA Group and the English service Reproflex3, Z DUE inaugurated an introductory workshop
Due to the Emilia Romagna region’s disposition to suspend all activities and events for the week from February, the 24th to March, the 1st, the Future of Flexo event is postponed to a date to be assigned. Here following the official letter from the Ferrari Museum in Maranello: Gentlemen, as already informally anticipated, we confirm the


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Future of Flexo is an important convention organized by Z DUE in collaboration with Kodak-Miraclon, which will take place on February, 28th 2020 at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello (ITALY). This is a very important meeting occasion for the world of flexo printing in general for the following reasons: – The event will be international in
The Flexi-Lox blanket, in combination with the Softwash solution, cleans the Anilox rolls and counter-press cylinders quickly and efficiently. WHAT IS: Flexi-Lox is a patented technology consisting of a very fine micro-rough surface laminated on a reinforced shock-absorbing support. The micro-rough surface safely cleans the anilox cells. SoftWash, an ecological solution, helps dissolving dried ink and improves the