The department is equipped with graphic workstations with Apple hardware and Hybrid software (PackZ) and Adobe Creative suite. The department is also equipped with softwares to check the workings before the realization of the polymers.

We are able to manage every kind of graphic project - both of linework and color process. We open and manage any kind of file, both Mac and PC's, using specific programs suitable for packaging.

Our customers can count on:

  • 28 graphic workstations located in the 6 standardized production sites that produce identical qualitative results.
  • Highly professional operators equipped with cutting-edge technology.
  • Standardized procedures that guarantee product safety.
  • Possibility of creative on-demand response with the help of experienced illustrators.
  • GMG proof colors for 100% reliable checks.

Hardware Apple

Hybrid Technology

Repro Department

GMG Digital Color Proofs