VORTEX system

04 February 2021 by
Vortex is an effective new generation technology for flexo printing on paper, corrugated cardboard and plastic film. It comes from a proprietary algorithm, exactly like ProjectBlue and BlueEdge, however with different characteristics and advantages compared to “unconventional screen” technologies. The strength of Vortex lies not in the screening, but in the dot shape, which is
2021 is a year of huge investments for Z DUE. The last 29th of January ZDUE officially signed the contract with Miraclon for the purchase of a new Flexcel NX plate production line. This major investment will enhance the production of high quality Kodak plates for the entire group and will develop larger quantities of flexo
Last January 15th Mr Andrea Tullini, CEO of Scatolificio Medicinese, and Mr Tiziano Guerra, Quality manager, granted an interview to Z DUE, who thus opens its own column They say about us. This is a very important event for the world of flexo printing, as for the first time a converter publicly talks about his experience with the new BlueEdge

Working with us in 3D

12 January 2021 by
            Complete HTML5 solution, no plugins required High resolution 3D view in web browser Automatic generation of 3D previews based on 3D models and PDF graphics Built with powerful IC3D technology Watch the video tutorial with a click on the image above  

Smart Packaging App

12 January 2021 by
                                    What it is Ghost application inserted in the packaging graphics. Domain Packaging of I°/II°/III° level & Digital Signage Goal Creation of advantages of the Packaging platform: Product process information. Digitally link data: origin, composition, nutritional tables, shelf
      Packaging & Labels prototyping Advantages Marketers: Spread prototyping on the material used in production Similar / same quality to color proofs used in industrial run start-up Possibility of packaging production simulation of different references for Decision Makers Possibility of producing micro-runs for marketing tests Coverters: Spread prototyping on the material used in

BlueEdge system

12 January 2021 by
  BlueEdge is an innovative system for the production of flexo clichés and comes from a proprietary algorithm that is applied to Kodak Flexcel NXC or NXH plates. BlueEdge clichés can be used by converters to obtain very high quality prints and to facilitate a standardization of their production process. More quality The BlueEdge plate
On 2019, May 22nd, during a gala event in Istanbul, Z DUE received the gold award for the best flexo print in the most important international competition held by Kodak Miraclon, the Global Flexo Innovation Awards. Z DUE is the only service that has distinguished itself in this competition for the tenth anniversary of Kodak Flexcel
Audience of great occasions for the Best in Flexo and Flexo Day 2018 which took place on November 20 and 21 in Bologna (Italy). About 270 people took part in the gala evening for the Best in Flexo awards ceremony, the competition that rewards the flexographic print quality. Lot of works in the competition, divided

AQX Technology

01 December 2017 by
Z DUE aquired Kodak Flexcel NX laser as new equipment