Due to the Emilia Romagna region’s disposition to suspend all activities and events for the week from February, the 24th to March, the 1st, the Future of Flexo event is postponed to a date to be assigned. Here following the official letter from the Ferrari Museum in Maranello: Gentlemen, as already informally anticipated, we confirm the


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Future of Flexo is an important convention organized by Z DUE in collaboration with Kodak-Miraclon, which will take place on February, 28th 2020 at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello (ITALY). This is a very important meeting occasion for the world of flexo printing in general for the following reasons: – The event will be international in
The Flexi-Lox blanket, in combination with the Softwash solution, cleans the Anilox rolls and counter-press cylinders quickly and efficiently. WHAT IS: Flexi-Lox is a patented technology consisting of a very fine micro-rough surface laminated on a reinforced shock-absorbing support. The micro-rough surface safely cleans the anilox cells. SoftWash, an ecological solution, helps dissolving dried ink and improves the
On 2019, May 22nd, during a gala event in Istanbul, Z DUE received the gold award for the best flexo print in the most important international competition held by Kodak Miraclon, the Global Flexo Innovation Awards. Z DUE is the only service that has distinguished itself in this competition for the tenth anniversary of Kodak Flexcel
Audience of great occasions for the Best in Flexo and Flexo Day 2018 which took place on November 20 and 21 in Bologna (Italy). About 270 people took part in the gala evening for the Best in Flexo awards ceremony, the competition that rewards the flexographic print quality. Lot of works in the competition, divided
GMG software installation for color proofs.
Installation of a post-combustion unit to minimize the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere.


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It’s the new frontier of Z DUE for the falt-top dots printing plates. It is the highest range product that allows a print quality never seen before.
Z DUE has always invested in research and technology. With the acquisition of a 4.000 d.p.i. laser and a L.E.D. light exposure unit, Z DUE has opened the door to new production and testing models on the quality of flexo printing.