On June 14, Dr. Andrea Mecarozzi, CEO of Sc.A.T. Packaging, granted an interview to Z DUE in They say about us column. Sc.A.T. Packaging is a long-standing company that has always kept a careful eye on quality flexo printing through the use of conventional equipment. With a 2010 TOPRA printing machine, equipped with a conventional
After two years of absence, the most important convention on Italian flexography is back in attendance with 400 participants … and it was a unique emotion! Flexo’s biggest win this year was against covid and the restrictions that have kept us from coming together for so long. The whole ATIF association, in particular the president
Another wonderful night for Italy, after the last Flexotech Awards and FIA Awards… this time we fly (let’s say) to Brazil, where for the second consecutive year three works have been awarded at the Brazilian competition ABFLEXO, all three printed with the clichés of Z DUE, actually with the BlueEdge system. Riccione Piadina by Plax
An autumn full of flexo prizes and competitions. Z DUE has been a guest, together with its finalist customers, in old England twice, respectively at the FLEXOTECH AWARDS 2021 and the EFIA AWARDS (now FIA AWARDS) 2021. Here is the report of the awards collected by the Z DUE team at the Flexotech Awards on
After 3 years from the last Global Flexo Innovation Awards, Z DUE renews its participation by presenting over 30 works printed with Flexcel NX plate and BlueEdge e Vortex technologies, this time winning a special award for the conversion from offset-gravure to flexo. These are the words of the jury, composed of Chris Horton, Stefano
2021 wants to be a recovery year for all production domains and packaging makes no exception. Despite the difficulty in finding raw materials, technology and innovation do not stop advancing. In this regard, Z DUE this year wants to be at the forefront of the two most important flexo events in Italy: the Best in

Z DUE turns 45

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On 1 September 1976 the Z DUE stamp factory was founded in Anzola dell’Emilia (Bologna) a Lorenzo Mingozzi and Giuseppe Mandini’s idea. Shortly thereafter, Lorenzo’s brother Andrea joins the group. From that small laboratory in the countryside, Z DUE has become in 45 years the largest flexo prepress service in Italy and a point of
A much awaited evening last April 22nd. The FTA Diamond Awards are one of the highest European recognition in flexo printing. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the competition took place mainly between works printed along the years 2018-2019, at least as regards the Italian entries. Despite the difficult period that we all know well, the
Below is an extract from the article dated 20 February 2021 on the information site The plastics processing industries are concerned by the difficulty in supplying raw materials. Five years after the last episode, fear of a new shortage returns to Europe. A drop in imports and an increase in prices are the effects

VORTEX system

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Vortex is an effective new generation technology for flexo printing on paper, corrugated cardboard and plastic film. It comes from a proprietary algorithm, exactly like ProjectBlue and BlueEdge, however with different characteristics and advantages compared to “unconventional screen” technologies. The strength of Vortex lies not in the screening, but in the dot shape, which is